A very special letter from Isobel about her experience at Somers Camp.


We always love to hear from students who have been to Somers Camp.

After returning home and reflecting on their camp experience many children share with us their thoughts and feelings about their time at camp.

This letter from Isobel expressed beautifully her Somers Camp experience.

"Dear staff at Somers,

Thank you for the fantastic experience at Somers. Everything about it was great. It changed a lot of things in me, in a good way. If Somers was a boarding school, I would sign up immediately. Even though waking up early was sometimes a struggle, I always couldn't wait to get stuck into the activities. My favourite part about Somers was meeting new people and making friends. It was also a good opportunity to be yourself and just have fun. I met a few people who are going to high school with me next year. All the staff are wonderful, kind, caring and love what they do. They make you feel comfortable being away from home. The most amazing thing is when I got home I didn't feel like I needed to be on electronics as much, I found other things to do. I loved all the songs and when I told my friends what they were called they laughed. I would like to thank all the cooks for making incredible food for everyone and making food nearly everyone liked. When I got home I put up my hand for a table host!

Thank you sooooooo much."


Group 7

We are so pleased that Isobel had such a great Somers experience and hope that every child who comes to camp has such good memories.

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