The children from Group 5 face the challenge of our High Ropes Course.

On Saturday Group 5 were about to do the high ropes course and at 5 meters high, it certainly was going to be a challenge! Putting on the gear is an important part of being a climber and the children had to fit the harness, helmet and tapes correctly so that they could do the course safely. After practicing on a low course they were ready for the real thing! There are many different elements on the course, the Tarzan's Vines, the surfboards, rope nets, bridges and at the end there is a poma ride which is lots of fun. One of the most important ways of keeping safe on the HRC is to have a buddy you can trust. Blayze wrote about his buddy "Noah was a great partner at the HRC because every time I was going on to a different part of the course he took me through all the steps so that I was safe," and that is exactly what a great buddy does! The HRC is a huge challenge for most children but it is also a time when they learn the importance of looking after the safety of others.

High Ropes boys.JPG

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