One of the challenging activities at Somers Camp is abseiling.

Our abseiling wall is 10 meters high and from the top you can see across the bay to Phillip Island. More importantly, when you stand at the top it seems such a very long way down! We give children the choice whether to do abseiling or not, so making the decision is sometimes difficult. Everyone is encouraged to give it a go so once you have decided to face that challenge you are attached to the abseil and saftey lines, and your gear is checked. The journey down the wall begins! Leaning out of the wall is the most challenging part of the abseil but once you start walking down the wall the feeling changes to a sense of exhilaration and you gain confidence as you descend. Many of the campers from the Barwon south and Colac camp faced this challenge, and were very proud of their efforts.



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