Fitbit fun at Somers Camp

As we come to the end of the camping year it is a good time to reflect upon the experiences that are such an important part of Somers Camp. Not only the challenges faced, the new friends made and the experience of living in a community of 160 children, but also managing the physical challenges of Somers Camp.

Tara, a camper from our Bayside group, wore a Fitbit while she was at camp and through that was able to track the number of steps she took every day. As well as letting us know the number of steps taken at camp, which was, on average, a very healthy 14000 steps each day, Tara sent us the data of a normal nine days of her life back at home. Now Tara is a very active girl and her after school activities include athletics, dance, hiphop and basketball, even so, her average day at camp was 5000 steps greater than at home!

Somers camp offers a wide range of activities from art and drama to flying fox and orienteering but one of the hidden benifits of camp is nine days away from technology, no TV, no video games or phones just lots of outdoor activities and active fun with friends from many different schools. At Somers Camp there are many ways to be active and keep fit but also its great to know that life without technology is possible, in fact it can be great fun!

Many thanks to Tara for sending us the information from her fit bit.

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