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Each day the students at Somers Camp at timetabled to participate in five activity sessions. Each session lasts for 1 hour.



Learn how to use a bow and arrow.


Improve your archery skills with some friendly competition.


The indoor archery hut is equipped with re-curve bows, wooden and carbon fibre arrows and 8 targets.



Whether it's using natural materials to make gum-nut animals or using recycled materials to make a fish, art at Somers is always fun.


From botanical drawing out in the beautiful school grounds to sand sculpting at the magnificent sand beach art at Somers incorporates nature and environment.


There's a wide range of activities for you to participate in and you can take your artwork home.

Bicycle Education


Bike Ed at Somers Camp aims to help you improve your bike riding skills.


Some of the activities include slalom riding, scooting races, formation riding and a bike rodeo.


Once you have improved your bike handling skills you may have the confidence to be able to tackle our BMX track or enjoy a ride on the bicycle path.





Somers Camp has a fleet of 11 aluminium row boats.

Learn to row a boat and go on an adventure up Merricks Creek.


Co-operation, communication and teamwork are all skills which will be tested in this activity. Without them you may not go "merrily, merrily up the stream".


It's challenging, safe and lots of fun.

Bush Craft


Learn how to set and light a campfire and try some simple bush cooking.


Then relax for a moment with your friends around the fire and enjoy cooking your own damper, billy tea and other tasty delights


Bush craft also covers the safe and responsible way of managing a campfire and the extinguishing and clean up of a campfire area.

Challenge Swing


Our challenge swing is one of the highest in Victoria but never fear. You can choose the height you release at as you build up your courage.


The rest of your group are busy too. They are the ones that pull you to your release point. You then tell the team to "STOP!!" and pull the release cord. 


Everyone agrees it is a thrilling activity.




Everyone performs in our concerts.


In your Drama lesson you will prepare for your stage performance by helping decide on your skit, costume and make-up.


You will have time to audition for your role and practice your part for the big night.


Concerts are lots of fun whether you're on stage performing or in the audience.

High Ropes Course


Placed high up on 6 metre poles our High Ropes Course will challenge your fear of height.


Using specialised climbing equipment including harnesses and carabiners, this activity is done in complete safety.


The course offers 14 different activities of various difficutly level, which means that everyone can choose thier own level of challenge.

Initiative Activities


During this lesson you will be undertaking some group problem solving activities which are found in our special Initiative Activities room.


You will be required to work as a team, communicate effectively and take on some leadership roles, in order to successfully complete the activities.


Challenge your mind and your body by working as a team to complete the various physical activities.



The Library is a great place to spend some quiet time while you are at camp.


It has a fantastic range of  books and magazines that you can read or you can play a game, draw, colour in, write a letter home or just relax and talk to your new friends.


You can borrow our books and take them back to your hut to read before bed or choose one of our posters to stick up in your hut to make it feel more like home.

Low Ropes Course


Our low ropes course is a challenging circuit of activities including the Burmese Bridge, Tarzan Vines, Cargo Net and Wild Woozey.


The 14 different activities will test your climbing skills and prepare you for the High Ropes Course.


We will train you to be a great 'Buddy' which means that you will support, encourage and spot for your partner while they are on the course.



You will learn how to read a map, so that you can find the checkpoints around the camp.


Working with a partner or on your own, we have over 10 different orienteering courses, ranging from easy to difficult for you to try.


While you are at camp you will have 3 Orienteering lessons to practice your new skills. 

Rock Climbing/Abseiling


Our world class climbing gym will allow you to experience a safe introduction to rock climbing in our indoor setting.


Starting with our padded bouldering cave students progress to harnessed rock climbing up the 6 and 8 metre walls.


During this lesson you will be taught how to put on a harness, belay other climbers and the right technique for abseiling.


There is also a opportunity to challenge yourself by abseiling down our outdoor 10 metre wall.

Flying Fox
Take a leap of faith and a fly down our double Flying Fox.
Choose a friend, help each other into your full body harness and take the challenge of racing down the 100 metre cable.
Your skill will be tested at the finishing ramp, as we see if you can stick the landing.





This is an introduction to the fabulous sport.


You will learn how to put on a wetsuit, become a safe beach user and ultimately ride a wave on our special boards.


Our surfing venue is safe and while the surf's not huge, its perfect for beginners and it won't be long until you are up and going.



This is a seasonal activitiy, so we run this when the weather is warm.


Swimming takes place in our quite bay beach which is located directly beside the camp and you might even meet one of our local dolphins.

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