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Fequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my child be in the same Hut or Group as their school friends? 


A. Fostering indepenence is one of the key aims of the camp. So we seperate all our students into       different group to encourage them to make new friends and develop as independent learners.

    But don't worry. There is a lot of free time for your child to interact with their friends from                   school.



Q. What sort of bedding should my child bring to camp?


A. All students and Visiting Teachers MUST bring a sleeping bag and a fitted sheet.





Q. Do I need to buy gumboots / reef shoes?


A. If you have them send them with your child but don't go out and buy them just for camp. We              have a small number of spare gum boots here at camp.




Q. Where will my child be swimming?


A. If the weather is hot enough swimming will be offered the our students.

    We swim in Western Port Bay.  The beach is very safe and the children swim between flags and       will never be out of their depth.  All our staff are  fully accedited with a Surf Rescue Qualification.




Q. Can I send a mobile phone with my child?


A. Somers Camp is a technology free zone. We ask that you DO NOT send any mobile phones,              iPads, iPods, gaming systems or tablets to camp.  




Q. Does my child need extra money?


A. Every child will be given $8 pocket money on a debit card to spend at the canteen.

     Cash cannot be used at the canteen.   Any extra money will be placed into our safe for the                duration of the camp, for safe keeping and returned on the last day.




Q. Can I bring our pet to camp on Visitors Day?


A. Due to the large number of visitor who attend camp on Visitors Day we ask that you refrain from      bringing your pets to camp.  



Q. Can my child bring a musical instrument to camp?


A. Absolutely.  If they can carry it they can bring it.  We have two concerts in which your child can       showcase their musical talents.  Please be aware that we cannot take responsibilty for expensive     instruments. 





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