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Visiting Teacher Information

Visiting Teachers really get a lot out of their 9 day camping experience at Somers School Camp.

Here's a few sample endorsements from 2017 and 2018.

‘I enjoyed working at this camp. The children at the camp were cooperative and friendly’ 

‘The camp is truly awesome’

‘You have to experience it once to understand its full complexity and content’ 

‘This really is the best camp I have been on’ 

‘I Love Somers, that’s why I always come back. Again and again’

‘I may be retired but Somers is professionally stimulating for me’ 

‘The camp is fantastic, with a wealth of experience from different backgrounds… the kids hang on to every word the staff are saying and its come across as very passionate’ 

‘Thanks to all of the staff for being so giving with your time and knowledge/ expertise in this setting’

‘It was an honour and privilege to be a part of Somers School Camp’ 

‘A fantastic camp. I was so impressed with the knowledge of the staff, and almost more importantly their enthusiasm’ 

‘Thank you for a wonderful time at Somers. The program was very well organised and the students and myself had a great time’ 

Children and staff had a fantastic camp. It has been a wonderful experience, an opportunity I know some children I know some children from our area wouldn’t normally have and something they will remember for many years to come’ 

‘Fantastic, hospitable staff making this place very inviting for Visiting Teachers’ 

‘Staff at Somers were amazing! So much more than I expected. As a VT I felt very welcomed and apart of the team. I would definitely come back again’ 

‘As always an extremely well run camp that caters for all personalities, recognises the individual strengths that both children and staff have and assists in developing students in all areas. The challenges that children will meet throughout life are encompassed and developed in a safe, caring environment’ 


‘Once again I have had a wonderful professional and personal experience at Somers. I have been able to witness many different teaching approaches to student needs. The camp is well organised and I felt accepted and valued which is a fabulous testament to the culture at Somers. Thank you for a fulfilling and valued nine days!’ 

‘Great camp! Great for students overcoming varies personal challenges from heights and stage fright, to getting along with others. Strong focus on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Somers staff are all infectiously positive, I strongly recommend and hope to return’

‘Absolutely loved the camp. I visited as a student in 2004 and have fond memories of the camp. As a VT I have enjoyed the program even more! The staff were great, food was great, kids were great. I would happily return to the camp in any capacity’

‘It was a fantastic camp, the staff are great and it is such an amazing opportunity for students and Visiting Teachers’ 

‘A fantastic camp that allows all students to grow and change in some capacity’ 

‘Appreciated the sessions that you covered to allow us time us off’ 

‘Somers has been an amazing experience not only for students but for myself as well’ 

As a visiting teacher, it has been one of the best experiences’ 

‘Fantastic camp for students to learn a variety of new things and an excellent PD opportunity for teachers. Thank you for making me feel so welcome, I hope to be back next time’

‘An amazing experience for students socially, emotionally and developmentally. A very memorable, professional experience for me as a Visiting Teacher and rewarding’ 

‘Very comfortable, clean and cosy living arrangements for VT’s’ 

‘A fantastic experience as a teacher. I learnt a lot and had a great time. The staff did an amazing job and ensured that I felt welcomed’ 

‘Thank you all for making Somers a highly enjoyable experience. I have loved every moment and the experience has helped me develop as a teacher. Giving me skills I can use in the classroom. Hopefully one day I can come back!’ 

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