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Visitors Day

When - Sunday, Day 6 of our 9 day program


Time - 12 o'clock until 2.20pm


Who can come - Family and friends of the children attending                                        the current camp are all welcome


What happens - Whole Camp Assembly at 12 o'clock


                         - Children are then signed out into your care                                       - You can then eat lunch together

                         - Your child will show you around the camp and                                    share their Somers experience with you


What to bring - Picnic lunch for you and your child

                        - BBQs available

                        - Chairs or a rug to sit on

                          NO PETS PLEASE


How get here - Somers School Camp

                         124 Lord Somers Road, Somers 3927


                       - Most direct route is via Peninsula  Link                                                Freeway exiting at the Balnarring turn off

                         Follow signs to Balnarring and then Somers


Parking - Enter camp carpark via Gate #1


Canteen - Our canteen will be open at 1.30pm

               - A limited selection of icecreams, cold drinks and                                 confectionery are on sale

               - Souvenirs are also available to be purchased.

               - Our canteen does NOT sell sandwiches, rolls, hot                              drinks or any other food items

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