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What Will Happen On The First Day Of Camp

Leaving For Camp

On the first day of camp I will be excited and maybe a little bit nervous.

I will be dropped off to my pick up point, where I am going to catch the bus to camp, with my luggage on the morning of camp.  It might be my parents dropping me off, or maybe a different one of my relatives or maybe even one of my friend's parents.  My pick up point might be at my school, it might be another school or even somewhere different altogether like a local recreation oval, but it will be fine.  There will be staff there with me from the camp and whoever drops me off will stay until the bus leaves.  There will be a teacher in charge at the bus stop and he or she will tell me what I need to do.  There will be lots of other children and adults there too, so it might be quite noisy, but that's okay because it will just be because everyone will be very excited.

I can take a bag and a pillow on the bus and the rest of my luggage will be put underneath the bus.  I will have time to say goodbye to the person who brought me to the bus and then I will hop onto the bus and find my seat.  There will be someone to help me find a seat if I need it.

***** 'Waiting for the Bus' photo

I will wave as the bus leaves and I'll be on my way to camp!

Arriving At Camp

Depending on how far away I live from camp my bus trip may take a short time or a long time.  Long trips always have breaks so I can go to the toilet if I need to.  If my trip lasts into the afternoon we will stop somewhere and have lunch that I have brought with me.  I will have information before camp to say if I need to bring my lunch on the first day.

When I arrive at camp another teacher will come onto the bus to welcome me.  I will be told where the toilets are, where there is some sports equipment to play with and where I can relax for a little while.

                                                                                               Outside Toilets



                                                                                                           Sports Equipment

                                                                                  Basketball Courts and 'The Rock'

Once all four of the buses have arrived the bell will ring three times and I will walk with all of the other children and teachers over to the Cinema to have my first assembly.

                                                                                           Outside the Cinema

When I first go into the Cinema all of the girls will sit together on one side of the room and all of the boys will sit together on the other side of the room.  I will listen carefully for my name while a teacher reads out everyone's names to sort children into their groups.  I will find out which group I am in and another teacher will show me where to sit.  It will probably be quite noisy during this time because everyone will be excited about what is happening.

                                                                                             Inside the Cinema

                                                                                 (looking from the back to the front)

After everyone is sitting down my first Somers Camp assembly will start.  I will be welcomed by the Principal and one of the teachers will tell me some of the things that happen at camp as well as some of the rules.  All of the staff will be introduced and then we will all sing some songs while some of the teachers play instruments.

I can always go to any of the camp staff if I'm unsure of anything or need any help.

Some children will be table hosts for lunch and the teachers will tell these children what to do.  It might even be my turn to be a table host on the first day.

After assembly, we will all head to the dining rooms to have some lunch.

Settling In

After lunch a teacher will take me back to the Cinema to my chair.  From there I will be taken on a tour around camp and finally down to see where I'll be sleeping with all of the other people from my hut.

I will be shown where I can post a letter.

                                                                                      Somers Camp Letter Box

My teacher will also show me where any of my clothes can go if I happen to have an accident and wet my bed.  My washing will be placed in a plastic bag and placed in the white basket in the morning.  Then my clean washing can be collected from the red tub at the end of the day.  My hut teacher will know what to do and everyone understands that this sometimes happens.

                                                                                   White Basket for dirty washing

                                                                                      Red Tub for clean washing

I will be shown where there is fruit available for morning break and where any lost property will be put.

                                                                                   Fruit and Lost Property Tubs

And I will also be shown where the Canteen is.


                                                                      Looking through the window into the Canteen                               

I will then be taken to my hut so I can unpack and settle in.  I will collect my luggage and take it down to my hut.

                                                                                   Outside one of the Huts

A teacher will show me where I am sleeping and I will meet the other three people who will share the bunk area with me.  I probably won't know the other people in my bunk area at the start of camp.

                                                                                    One of the sets of bunks

                                                    Each hut has five sections, with two sets of bunks in each section

I will make my bed and meet my hut teacher and all of the other people in my hut.  My hut teacher will sleep in their own bedroom in my hut and will be there to help me if I need anything.

My hut has a lounge area where I can spend time with the new friends I will make.


                                                                                Lounge Area in one of the Huts


During settling in time I will unpack by bags and put everything away.  I will be shown where I can put my belongings and how to organise everything.

                                                                             One of the Storage Areas in the Huts

I will be given a camp booklet and bag, as well as a camp t-shirt and hat.  I can choose a t-shirt that is the right size for me.

There will also be a practice fire drill during this time.

At some time when I'm settling in, the Nurse will come along and collect any medication I might have.  If I have medication it will be kept in the First Aid Centre and I will be shown where this is so I can visit when I need to.

                                                                                              First Aid Centre

After I have had time in my hut, a teacher will take me on a tour around camp with all of the other people from my hut to see some of the exciting activities I will be doing during my nine days.

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