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What Will Happen On The First Day Of Camp?

Outside Toilets.JPG

Outside Toilets


Sports Equipment

Asphalt & Rock.JPG

Basketball Courts and 'The Rock'

Cinema Outside.JPG

Outside the Cinema

Cinema from Back.JPG

Inside the Cinema

(looking towards the stage)


Mail Box

White Washing Basket.jpg

White basket for dirty washing

Fruit and Lost Property.jpg

Fruit and Lost Property Tubs

Outside Hut.jpg

Outside one of the Huts

Lounge Area in Hut.JPG

Lounge Area in one of the Huts

Leaving For Camp

On the first day of camp I will be excited and maybe a little bit nervous.

I will be dropped off to my pick up point, where I am going to catch the bus to camp, with my luggage on the morning of camp.  It might be my parents dropping me off, or maybe a different one of my relatives or maybe even one of my friend's parents.  My pick up point might be at my school, it might be another school or even somewhere different altogether like a local recreation oval, but it will be fine.  There will be staff there with me from the camp and whoever drops me off will stay until the bus leaves.  There will be a teacher in charge at the bus stop and he or she will tell me what I need to do.  There will be lots of other children and adults there too, so it might be quite noisy, but that's okay because it will just be because everyone will be very excited.

I can take a bag and a pillow on the bus and the rest of my luggage will be put underneath the bus.  I will have time to say goodbye to the person who brought me to the bus and then I will hop onto the bus and find my seat.  There will be someone to help me find a seat if I need it.

I will wave as the bus leaves and I'll be on my way to camp!

Arriving At Camp

Depending on how far away I live from camp my bus trip may take a short time or a long time.  Long trips always have breaks so I can go to the toilet if I need to.  If my trip lasts into the afternoon we will stop somewhere and have lunch that I have brought with me.  I will have information before camp to say if I need to bring my lunch on the first day.

When I arrive at camp, a Somers Camp teacher will come onto the bus to welcome me.  I will be told where the toilets are, where there is some sports equipment to play with and where I can relax for a little while.

Once all four of the buses have arrived the bell will ring three times and I will walk with all of the other children and teachers over to the Cinema to have my first assembly.


When I first go into the Cinema all of the girls will sit together on  one side of the room and all of the boys will sit together on the other side of the room.  I will listen carefully for my name while a teacher reads out everyone's names to sort children into their groups.  I will find out which group I am in and another teacher will show me where to sit.  It will probably be quite noisy during this time because everyone will be excited about what is happening.


After everyone is sitting down my first Somers Camp assembly will start.  I will be welcomed by the Principal and one of the teachers will tell me some of the things that happen at camp as well as some of the rules.  All of the staff will be introduced and then we will all sing some songs while some of the teachers play instruments.

I can always go to any of the camp staff if I'm unsure of anything or need any help.

Some children will be table hosts for lunch and the teachers will tell these children what to do.  It might even be my turn to be a table host on the first day.

After assembly, we will all head to the dining rooms to have some lunch.



Settling In

After lunch a teacher will take me back to the Cinema to my chair.  From there I will be taken on a tour around camp and finally down to see where I'll be sleeping with all of the other people from my hut.

I will be shown where I can post a letter.


My teacher will also show me where any of my clothes can go if I happen to have an accident and wet my bed.  My washing will be placed in a plastic bag and placed in the white basket in the morning.  Then my clean washing can be collected from the red tub at the end of the day.  My hut teacher will know what to do and everyone understands that this sometimes happens.

I will be shown where there is fruit available for morning break and where any lost property will be put. 

And I will also be shown where the canteen is.

I will then be taken to my hut so I can unpack and settle in.  I will collect my luggage and take it down to my hut.

A teacher will show me where I am sleeping and I will meet the other three people who will share the bunk area with me.  I probably won't know the other people in my bunk area at the start of camp.

I will make my bed and meet my hut teacher and all of the other people in my hut.  My hut teacher will sleep in their own bedroom in my hut and will be there to help me if I need anything.

My hut has a lounge area where I can spend time with the new friends I will make.

During settling in time I will unpack by bags and put everything away.  I will be shown where I can put my belongings and how to organise everything.

I will be given a camp booklet and bag, as well as a camp t-shirt and hat.  I can choose a t-shirt that is the right size for me.

There will also be a practice fire drill during this time.

At some time when I'm settling in, the Nurse will come along and collect any medication I might have.  If I have medication it will be kept in the First Aid Centre and I will be shown where this is so I can visit when I need to.

After I have had time in my hut, a teacher will take me on a tour around camp with all of the other people from my hut to see some of the exciting activities I will be doing during my nine days.






The food at camp will be delicious!  And seconds are always available if I'm still hungry.  I will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in one of the dining rooms each day with the other children and teachers.

There are two dining rooms - groups one to four are in Dining Room 1 and groups five to eight are in Dining Room 2.

I will sit with three other students from my group when I have my meal.  I will be able to choose who I sit with and it doesn't have to be the same people for every meal.  The tables are colour coded to match the groups, so it's easy to find a table to sit at.  I will be able to talk to the people at my table and discuss all the exciting things we have done at camp so far and the things we are looking forward to doing.

There is a teacher in charge of the dining room who will let me know when I can go and get my food, when seconds are available and when I can leave to go outside and play.  The friendly kitchen staff will serve me my meals.  There is always fresh fruit available as well if I am still hungry.

I can see some examples of the delicious food that I will eat whilst at camp by looking on the website and clicking on the 'Meal Times' heading in the 'Camp Life' section on this website.

There are children called table hosts who will get me a drink when I put my hand up.  Usually there is milk and water and sometimes there is chocolate milk to choose from.  The table hosts also help to take away plates, cups and cutlery when i have finished eating.  I will have a turn of being a table host at some time during my camp stay.  The table hosts wear coloured bands so that I can tell who they are.

If the weather is nice, we might have an outdoor lunch.  The teachers will let me know where I have to go for this.  It will be a lot of fun because I can sit with anyone I want to - even children from other groups!

I am looking forward to trying all the tasty meals at camp and catching up with my new friends during meal times.




















During camp I will have a turn at table host duty at least once, but maybe twice.  Four people from every group are chosen to be table hosts each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I will wear a coloured sash so that the other children know I am a table host.  Everyone gets a turn at being a table host.

My hut teacher will let me know if I am a table host the day before, so that I can make sure I am ready in the morning when the bell rings at 7:25 a.m.  Lunch is at 12:00 p.m. and Dinner is at 5:00 p.m. for table hosts.  I will be on duty for all three meals of that day.

I will have my meal with the other table hosts 30 minutes before the other children come to the dining rooms.  Sometimes table hosts get a special breakfast, such as bacon and eggs or pancakes!

When I am a table host I will be in charge of setting the tables and getting the dining room ready before the students arrive.  I will be shown what I need to do so I feel confident.

Once the other students come for their meal, I will get them drinks and clear away cups, plates and cutlery when they have finished eating.  They will put their hand up to get my attention when they need help.  All the table hosts work together so that it won't get too busy for me.

Once all of the children have left to go outside for a play, I will have some jobs to do to help clean up the dining room ready for the next meal.  Some of those jobs include stacking the dishes ready for the dishwasher, washing the dishes, drying the dishes, sweeping the floors, wiping down tables and taking food out to the compost.

There is always a teacher in charge of the dining room and they will let me know what jobs need to be done if I am not sure.  I can always ask for help if I need to.

Once the jobs are all finished and the dining room is ready for the next meal, the teacher will let us go outside.  I will have time to catch up with my friends before the next activity.  If it is after dinner, I will have an opportunity to go to the Canteen or play some Mini Golf, go to the Library or go to the Games Room.  I might even just kick or throw a ball around with the other children on the basketball courts or spend some time talking to my new friends.



After my last activity of the day I will have my shower.  As soon as I've finished my activity I will go straight back to my hut ready for shower time which is from 4:45 - 5:25 p.m.  Sometimes students can have a shower in the morning.

I will get my clothes, towel and toiletries out of my shelving area ready for my shower and go to wait for my turn in the lounge area of my hut.

If I am a Table Host for dinner, I will have first shower.

When it is my turn, my shower will have its own door for privacy and a shelf to put my things on so they stay dry.

As Somers Camp is a sustainable school, we try to keep our our shower time to no more than 3 minutes.

After I have had my shower and dried off I will get changed for my Evening Activity in my shower stall.  My teacher will have explained what the activity is and what I'll need to wear so I can take it to the shower with me.

I will put all of my things neatly away and hang my towel up ready for the next day.

At 5:25 p.m. the bell will go for me to line up for dinner.








The first thing I will do at the start of this lesson is go with my group to the High Ropes Room.

Everything I need to do will be explained to me and I will listen carefully.

In my Camp Book I will use the High Ropes Course page to ask myself how I am feeling about the lesson and how confident I feel.

I will be given the right harness for my body size and I will learn how to put it on properly.  I will also be given a helmet to wear.  There will be people to help me if I get stuck and I will always be 100% safe.

I will walk with my group to the High Ropes Course.

My teachers will explain how the course works.

I will have a partner while I complete the course and we will help each other and look after each other.

I will be shown how to attach my harness safely and move from one activity to the next on the course.  I will have a turn in a low level practice area until I am ready.

After another check of my gear for safety I will start the course.  I will either climb the ladder and have my turn first or I will stay on the ground and help my partner as they have their turn first, then we will swap.  I can choose whether I want to do an easy course or a harder one.

There will always be teachers watching to make sure everyone is safe while the activity is happening.

When both myself and my partner have finished, I will write how I think I went in my book.  I will decide whether I think it was easier or harder than I thought it would be, or whether it was what I expected.

Lastly, I will go with my group back to the High Ropes Room and take off all of my gear and put it away.





























The first thing I will do at the start of this lesson is go with my group to the Cinema ready to start Drama.

In my Drama lesson, I will learn a part in a play that I will perform with people from my group at the Concert on either Friday or Monday night of camp.  On the night I'm not performing I will watch other groups do their plays.

At the start of the lesson my teachers will ask if anyone would like to demonstrate a special talent like singing or playing an instrument that they could do between the plays at the Concert.  If I have a special thing I'd like to perform I can have an audition.  If I am to perform something extra at the Concert I will have time to practice.  If I do perform my special talent at the Concert, I will also be in another play as well.

Everyone from my group will be in one of the plays.  My teachers understand that some children like drama and performing more than others.  I will be able to be in a play that suits how I feel about this, with either a bigger or smaller part, speaking or non speaking.

I will listen carefully as my teachers go through the different plays my group will be performing.  At the end of each play my teachers will ask who would like to be in that particular one and the teachers will choose.  My group teacher will also be in a play.

I will be taken into the Props Room with my group and the teacher will explain to me what time I need to come on Concert night, what I need to be wearing and what will happen once I get there.  Everyone will be able to wear a costume and make up and I will be shown where all of this is, so I know exactly what to do on Concert night.

I can ask questions at any time so I know what I need to do.

I will then have time to practice the play I am in.  I will go onto the stage with the other people in my play and we will all have time to learn what we have to say and what we have to do.  My teachers will help me with everything so i feel confident about my performance.

When I'm not practicing, I will watch other people from my group practice their plays.

After my Drama lesson everyone in my group will have to keep it a secret about what we are doing for our plays so it is a big surprise to everyone on Concert night.




At the start of my lesson I will walk with my group to the Climbing Gym.

Once we are all inside a teacher will show me where all of the climbing gear is and allocate the right size for my harness, helmet and climbing shoes.  I will also be given a gear rack that has a figure 8 and 2 carabiners.  Carabiners are the piece of equipment that attaches my harness to the climbing rope.

The teachers will tell me how to put all of my gear on correctly and safely.  I will watch and listen very carefully to all of my teachers' instructions.

The teachers will make sure that I have everything on properly and that I'm safe.

If any of my gear is the wrong size I will be able to change it for the right size.

One of the teachers will then teach me how to connect myself to the ropes and check that I'm safely attached.  A teacher will check my equipment is ready every time I'm going to climb.

There will be two other people helping with my climb - Belayer 1 and Belayer 2.  Belayer 1 is the person who pulls the rope in and keeps it tight as I am climbing up the wall.  Belayer 2 is the person who takes care of and loops the end of the rope.  A teacher will teach them what to do to keep me safe while I climb and a teacher will be watching to make sure i am safe while I climb.

I will also have a turn of being Belayer 1 and Belayer 2 and i will listen carefully at the start so i know how to do these jobs as well.  If I need to, I can ask questions about these jobs so I know exactly what to do and a teacher will always be watching to help me if i need it.

After my climb, when I reach the top, a teacher will make sure I'm safe until it's time for me to walk down the stairs to the bottom again.



Red Tub.jpg

Red tub for clean washing


Looking through the window into the Canteen

Bunk in Hut.jpg

One of the sets of bunks

(each hut has five sections with two sets of bunks

in each section)


One of the Storage Areas in the Huts


First Aid Centre

Bus to Camp.jpg

Waiting for the bus at camp

Heading To The Dining Rooms For My Meals

Dining Room.jpg
Table Hosts.jpg

This is Dining Room 2

One of the serveries from where the kitchen

staff will serve my meals

Some of the table hosts wearing their

coloured bands

Being A Table Host

Table host sashes.jpg

Table host sashes ready to be worn

Set table.jpg

One of the tables set and ready for meal time

Dish washing area.jpg
Dish drying area.jpg

Dish washing area

Dish drying area

Shower Time

Shelving Area.jpg

Shelving area where belongings are kept

Shower Stall.jpg
Towel Rails.jpg

Shower stall with shelf to keep belongings dry

Towel drying rails

Cinema Outside.JPG
Props Room 1.jpg
Props Room 2.jpg
HRC Harnesses.jpg
HRC Helmets and Harnesses.jpg
High Ropes Course.jpg
Low Level Practice Area.jpg
HRC In Action 2.jpg

What Happens During My Drama Lesson?

Going On The High Ropes Course

Props Room

Props Room

Facing the Stage


Outside the Cinema

Harnesses inside the High Ropes Room

Harnesses and Helmets inside the High Ropes Room

Looking at the High Ropes Course

Low Level Practice Area

Having fun on the course!

I'm Going To Rock Climbing

Climbing Gear.jpg
Climbing 1.jpg
Climbing 5.JPG
Climbing 4.JPG
Climbing 3.JPG
Climbing 2.JPG

Having fun in the Climbing Gym

Climbing gear ready for use

Students in action in the Climbing Gym

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