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SUSTAINABILITY - Enough for all forever


Somers School Camp is an AuSSIVic Resource Smart 5 Star Sustainability accreditation. 

Our aim is the encourage our students to live sustainably and the educate them about the actions that they can take home with them to make a difference to their own lives.

We have many sustainability programs running at camp, such as recycling, worm farm, kitchen garden, friut orchard

and solar power collection. 

Kitchen Garden


You will have the opportunity to help in our kitchen garden, where we grow vegetables which we use in our meals while you are at camp.


Each day, one group will be rostered on to undertake some simple tasks such as weeding, mulching, planting and harvesting.


Tasting the freshly picked vegetables which you have helped to nurture and grow, is a highlight for most students.

Fruit Orchard


Our fruit orchard was planted in 2010, and while it has taken a while to grow, all the trees are producing large amounts of beautiful fruit.


The students are currently harvesting and tasting fresh oranges, lemons, limes and mandarins.


Most students are surprised by the amazing difference in taste that they experience when they eat a piece of fruit that has been picked from a tree at that very moment.

Tree Planting


More than 4000 new plants have been planted by students at Somers Camp over the past 10 years.


While you are at camp you might be lucky enough to be able to help us create new habitat for our native wildlife, by planting trees and grasses.


Increasing our bushland, controlling weeds and creative wildlife corridors are all important lessons that we need to learn to ensure the survival of our possums, koalas, birds and reptiles which call Somers Camp home.

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