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Environmental Studies

Making Friends with Nature

"Environmental Studies is intended to promote amoung citizens the awareness and understanding of the environment, our relationship to it and the concern and responsiible actions necessary to ensure our survival and to improve our quality of life......"


While you are at camp you will have the opportunity to explore the Environmental Studies Centre. 

You will meet many animals including, fish, turtles, lizards, pythons, birds, guinea pigs, goats and chickens.

You can become friends with these animals and be involved in caring for them.

This care includes grooming, feeding and managing the animals in thier enclosures.


The best way to learn about animals is to handle them and get a first hand experience of them. Our Environmental Studies Centre houses many different species of animals, from fish and sharks to lizards and pythons and our most popular guinea pigs. You will have to opportunity to handle them and care for them on a daily basis.

Guinea Pigs


Long Necked 



Bearded Dragon


Blue Tongue




You will be timetabled for 6 hours of Environmental Studies lessons, which will give you a chance to go walking to Westernport, where you'll learn about what's so special about this marine environment and if you are lucky you might spot a dolphin.

You will walk to Coolart, a wetlands and sanctuary right next to camp and have a chance to visit a bird hide and use your binoculars to watch birds in their natural habitat.


We are currently building a beautiful new Nocturnal Enclosure and Sanctuary. 

Under the cover of darkness, you will get to visit the enclosure with your group and feed the native animals that are housed there.

Some of these animals are endangered and rarely seen in the wild.

The animals we hope that you will meet include the Eastern Quoll, Poteroo, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Ringtail Possums and Sugar Gliders.

Become an
Environmental Steward
Love the World_edited.jpg

If you would like to become an Environmental Steward and help to protect our plant or just want to KNOW MORE'  follow the links to the websites below where you will find campaigns and organizations who are working towards a better future for our environment.

Birds in the Backyard

Record the different bird species that visit your backyard


Butterflies Australia

Look at butterflies and record your sighting.  

Take a picture and record it on the app.


Earth Hour

Last Saturday of March every year.

Earth Hour is held annually, encouraging individuals, communities and businesses to turn off non-essential lighting for one hour as a symbol of commitment to the planet

Shingle Back



Carpet Python


Green Tree Frog


Port Jackson



Shaw's Cow Fish


Globe Fish


Blue Devil





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