On-Line Video Lessons -

Because of the Covid-19 and the Lockdowns we are currently unable to run our
normal residential Camp Programs to the Students of Victoria. 

But despite the fact that you cant be with us, we want you to know that we are thinking

about you all learning remotely from home and want to continue to share our Somers Camp experience with you.

So, we have made some on-line video lesson for you to watch at home. 

There are some fun activities that you can try at home, at the end of each lesson.


Enjoy watching the movie. Stay well and smile :)



Parent Survey

Dear Parents and Carers, we would be grateful if you could complete a short survey about your child's experience at Somers Camp

The survey will take about 2 minutes

We Thank you for taking your time to share your response to the survey and value the feedback you share

Survey link - https://forms.gle/C4qTvoC8x46oTjq19